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Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29 and Danish Sisterhood Evergreen Lodge 40 meet every first Wednesday, except

July and August, at the NWDF Danish Cultural Center, Meridian Office Bldg., 1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle WA at 7:30pm.


      President:   DEAN LARSEN     15405 Des Moines Mem DR Apt A-103    Seattle, WA        98148   PH:  206-248-7629

      Secretary:   FRANK POULSEN                  13616 116th Ave NE         Kirkland, WA            98034   PH:  425-820-6056

      Treasurer:    LEXIE SØRENSEN                 9725 NE 26th Street.        Clyde Hill, WA          98004   PH:  425-455-9225


      President:   MARETE EADIE           17923 Marine View DR SW       Normandy Park, WA  98166   PH:  206-431-2990

      Secretary:   ANNE BLACKBURN               15823 5th PL S                Burien, WA               98148   PH:  206-248-2530      Treasurer:    KAREN FAVERO          22805 Lakeview Dr #B204         Mt Lk Terr, WA         98043   PH:  425-672-7190


Happy Birthday To DB 29 & DS 40 Lodge Members


April: Agnes Back, Tove Borg, Lars Clausen, Gayle Emmick, Katrina E. Harley, Henriette (Jette) Henry, Gurli Irene Jensen, James D. Jensen, Linda Jensen, Edith Kilgren, Sandra Larsen, Madeline Morgan, Nicole Nelson, Cynthia S Nielsen, Dana S Nielsen, Kristoffer J Nielsen, Bente Pedersen, Inge Rasmussen, Peter Rossen, Lillian Sorensen, Doris H. Woodley

May: Erik Bodholt, Thomas Buus, Egon Calundann, Harold Hansen, Anita Henriksen, Anne K. Hollister, Garret N. Hollister, Mel Hollister, Ken Jacobsen, Hans B. Jensen, Sharon M. Kinder, Norma Jean Layer, Erik S Nielsen, Michael O. Nielsen, Kenneth Olsen, Birthe Ostergaard, Nadine Paulsen, Nan Stavnshoj, Jan Syberg

DB LODGE 29 MINUTES: President Dean Larsen opened the meeting @ 7:37pm with pledge of allegiance and 26 members in attendance.  Role call:  all officers were present

Minutes:  The minutes were accepted as printed in our newsletter

Correspondence:  Letters were received from both Amelia Anne Jacobsen and Peyton K Jacobsen asking for camp scholarships to go to Himmelbjerget. Newsletters from Tacoma, Eugene and WOW were received. We have one application for membership from Susanne Clevenger, but she was not present to be initiated. 

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Report was accepted as presented

Committee report: Leif Sorensen reported on Lodge # 29 soccer team, they have just started their spring season and won their first game, Flemming reported on the July 12 golf tournament at Gold Mountain. It was also mentioned that our long time member Otto Brask turned 80, and is now a law full non-dues paying member in the Poinsettia Club, Happy Birthday Otto

New business: Danish picnic is being held again at Jens Laundrup’s home in Woodinville, The sisterhood is in charge this year, and our board recommended that we donate $250 to the picnic fund. Dean and Frank volunteered to be our representatives to the picnic committee.  The board also recommends that we donate $250 to Himmelbjerget to be sent to WOW to be matched which in turn will then be matched again by Inger & Jens Bruun Foundation for a total of $1000 going to Himmelbjerget.  We will also offer camp scholarships in the amount of $150 to members or member’s kids going to Himmelbjerget, See requirement in this newsletter.  Joe Wenzel talked about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and asked for members to donate to that cause. Joe has a foster child who is suffering from the disease. Anyone who wishes to donate please go to http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/all_page?item_id=8477  or mail check to  Rebecca Dougherty 732 S summit AVE Bremerton WA 98312 with check made out to  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Small pot:  Gert Jacobsen won the small pot and donated it back to our donation box.            

Big pot:  Verner Larsen, Erik Bodholt or Jeff Jacobsen would have won if they had been present, but Greta Buus won the $200 in the pot this month.        

Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm.                           ---Submitted by Secretary Frank Poulsen


vvCome early and enjoy snacks and drinks before the next meetingvv


HIMMELBJERGET CAMP GRANTS: Lodge 29 is offering $150 camp grants to Seattle Lodge 29 members, or children of members of Seattle Lodge #29 who participate in this year's Himmelbjerget camp from June 22th to June 28th. Kids must write a letter with details about your lodge membership, or name of your sponsor, plus write a little bit about yourself and why you want to go to Himmelbjerget this summer.

Please remember to include your name, age and mailing address.

Send to DB Lodge 29, Frank Poulsen 13616 116 AVE NE Kirkland WA 98034

Applications MUST be received no later than Monday May 31st so they can be read at June  meeting.  

NOTE: Lodge 29 will mail a check to you and your parent after you have completed camp.



10TH ANNUAL GREAT DANE GOLF TOURNAMENT: Reserve Saturday, July 12, 2008 for Lodge 29’s annual event on Gold Mountain’s Cascade Course. DB LODGE 29 MEMBERS HAVE FIRST PRIORITY TO SIGN UP BEFORE MAY 1ST. After May 1st, remaining spots will be open to other guest golfers (payment must be received by Flemming before your spot is secure!). Cost: $65 per DB members ($70 for non DB golfers) Entry fee includes golf, prizes and burger/chicken with all the trimmings

Please send check payable to: DB Lodge 29 -- 

must be received before July 1st.

Mail to Flemming Sorensen, 9725 NE 26 St., Clyde Hill, WA 98004. Info:425-455-9225



Sorry for any inconvenience—Lexie Sorensen, Editor


SISTERHOOD EVERGREEN LODGE #40:  SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Our April 2 meeting started at 6:30 with the Sisters providing smørrebrød and the Brothers providing drinks.  This was in honor of the Sisterhood Lodge #40 celebrating their Past Presidents.    We had a great time, the food was enjoyed by all, brothers and sisters alike.

Approximately at 7:30 PM we started our meeting.  Most officers were present, except Anne Hollister who is recuperating from her back surgery and Anne Blackburn who was ill.  Greta Ballard sat in for both of them. 

Lisa, our Vice President, took pictures of the entire group and also of the Past Presidents. The secretary pro temp said there was no correspondence or bills.  Our President Marete read a letter she had received from the National Office.  It seems some new members join the Sisterhood on-line, and do not specify which lodge they want to belong to.  Our national office usually sends the applications to the lodge that is nearest the prospective member.  The question they asked us was, would we prefer to “look over” the applicant before we accepted the application or just accept her/him regardless.  After some discussion a motion was made by Nichole Al-Khedairy that we accept a new member “sight unseen”, her reason being that we need as many members as possible.  The motion was seconded by Greta Ballard and accepted unanimously. Marete will send the questionnaire back to the National Office with our decision.

Sick and needy sisters.   Karen Favero had spoken to Anne Hollister, and she is progressing well.  She had been in rehab, but then contracted a staph infection and had to go back to the hospital again, but she is at home now. 

Unfinished business The question about Membership in the NW Scandinavian Museum came up.  Marete had been in contact with the museum and had asked if we, as a group, were members and therefore have the membership privileges.  She was informed, yes, but only until June 1, 2008.  After that only two people could be on the group membership, at a cost of $60.00 per year. 

Karen Favero read the Trustee’s report, it was placed on file.

Special Committee:  Dina Rohm reported on the 2009 Convention.  It will be held on May 1, 2009 at the Hilton in Issaquah.  The following people volunteered to be on the committee: Dina Rohm, Nichole Al-Khedairy, Karen Favero and Marete Eadie.

On the Picnic Committee Dina Rohm reported it will be held July 27th at Jens Laundrup’s home.  Dina will send out e-mails and a hard copy to those who do not have e-mail. 

The coin march was won by Havanah Al-Khedairy who donated it back to the lodge. 

The Past Presidents were then presented with a lovely African Violets and thanked for their service during the years.                                            The meeting closed at 8:30, we will meet again on May 7, 2008.

--Respectfully, Greta Ballard Sec. Pro-tem


ADDRESS CHANGES:  Please make these additions & corrections to your directory: 

B    DEAN LARSEN                 15405 Des Moines Memorial Drive  Apt A-103                          Seattle, WA 98148


SECRETARIES:  Please notify Newsletter Editor of new members to add to the mailing list.


SEATTLE DB LODGE 29 WEBSITE: Check out the terrific Photo Gallery at www.dblodge29.org. Many thanks to to Gert Wolff for keeping our site up to date. He will post photos from Seattle Lodges and Danes Soccer Club events, please send your comments and photos to: 2wolff@embarqmail.com 





At Jens Laundrup’s in Woodinville



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