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9725 NE 26th Street                    

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Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29 and Danish Sisterhood Evergreen Lodge 40 meet every first Wednesday, except

July and August, at the NWDF Danish Cultural Center, Meridian Office Bldg., 1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle WA at 7:30pm.


      President:   DEAN LARSEN                   16501 4TH AVE S               Burien, WA                 98148   PH:  206-714-9369

      Secretary:   FRANK POULSEN              13616 116th Ave NE             Kirkland, WA              98034   PH:  425-820-6056

      Treasurer:    LEXIE SØRENSEN             9725 NE 26th Street.            Clyde Hill, WA            98004   PH:  425-455-9225


      President:   MARETE EADIE               17923 Marine View DR SW     Normandy Park, WA    98166   PH:  206-431-2990

      Secretary:   ANNE BLACKBURN          15823 5th PL S                      Burien, WA                 98148   PH:  206-248-2530     
      Treasurer:    KAREN FAVERO             22805 Lakeview Dr #B204       Mt Lk Terr, WA            98043   PH:  425-672-7190



Happy Birthday To DB 29 & DS 40 Lodge Members

January: Jette Bunch; Henning Buus; Greta Buus; Kaj Christensen; Dee Corbett; Kristina Favero; Lee Ann Hansen-Dewey; Jeff C Jacobsen; Scott Jorgensen; Kathryn Larsen; Kathryn Larsen; Thomas W Larsen; Allison Ann Larsen; Thane Maudslien; Ruth Metzon; Arild Molgaard; Randy L Morgan; Georg Pedersen; Grete L. Galsgaard Pfaff; Hanne A. Poulsen; Ellen Rossen; Max Stavnshoj; Deanne Torrence

February: Peter Aagaard; Birgit Andersen; Corey D Blackburn; Keith Bowman; Karen Favero; Donald Hansen; Vibeke Iozzi; Aage Jensen; Margaret A Karchesy; Greta Oprea; Tove H. Petersen; K. Britt Pfaff-Dunton; Birgit Rolla-Lindvig; Lisa Jensen Svitavsky



Names:___________________________ : __________________________  Phone:  __________________



List additional names on back of form                                           Phone:  __________________


Title & Lodge# if being installed ______________________________________________________


   Please reserve ____ (#) dinners at $30.00 each            = Total $_______

Send check payable to DB Lodge29

Mail to: Lexie Sorensen, 9725 NE 26th St, Clyde Hill, WA 98004: 425-455-9225 flsorensen@msn.com

RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED by Saturday, January 24, 2009



Joint Installation of 2009 Officers                                           Saturday,   January 31st , 2009

Danish Cultural Center, Northwest Danish Foundation Meridian Office Building, 1833 N 105 St, Ste 205, Seattle WA


                                                                     6-7pm                    Happy hour

                                                                     7pm                       Dinner

                                                                     8.30pm                  Installation of officers

                                                                     9pm                       Coffee and Dessert

Menu: Hamborgryg with potatoes, spinach and carrots, Beer, Wine, Snaps, Coffee & Dessert

RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED by Saturday, January 24, 2009



Dean Larsen                                                                Past-President                   Marete Eadie

Thomas Buus                                                              President                            Lisa Svitavsky

Henning Buus                                                              Vice-President                    Dina Rohm

Frank Poulsen                                                             Secretary                            Anne Blackburn

Lexie Sorensen                                                           Treasurer                            Karen Favero

Leif Sorensen                                                              1st Trustee                          Anne Hollister

Vibeke Iozzi                                                                  2nd Trustee                         Grete Ballard

Thomas Larsen                                                            3rd. Trustee.                                                                  

Chuck Larsen                                                              Conductor                                               

Rasmus Madsen                                                         Guard /Marshall                  Gurli Irene Jensen



Seattle’s MAY 1, 2009 Convention Committee is fishing for donations of items to help “feed”

the deep depths of the fish pond. We are also seeking nice items for raffles and door prizes.

Please bring suitable items or $ for fish food to Lodge meetings. Info: Lexie Sorensen 425-455-9225.




ADDRESS CHANGES:  Please make these additions & corrections to your directory: 

B                    Murillo, Kyle                         18461 134th Pl NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-5787

S                    Vidella, Vika                         Mail address   7035 17th Ave NW.                 Seattle            WA                98117

SECRETARIES:  Please notify Newsletter Editor of new members to add to the mailing list.



WASHINGTON HALL - SEATTLE'S FIRST LANDMARK OF 2009: On 1/7/09, Seattle’s Landmark Board unanimously designated Washington Hall as a local landmark. The building built by the Danish Brotherhood in 1908 was designated under two of the city's designation standards:


c) It is associated in a significant way with a significant aspect of the cultural, political, or economic heritage of the community, City, state or nation.

d) It embodies the distinctive visible characteristics of an architectural style, or period, or a method of construction.



SEATTLE DB LODGE 29 WEBSITE: Check out the terrific Photo Gallery at www.dblodge29.org. Many thanks to to Gert Wolff for keeping our site up to date. He will post photos from Seattle Lodges and Danes Soccer Club events, please send your comments and photos to: 2wolff@embarqmail.com SEE THE NEWLY POSTED 1991 PICNIC VIDEO FROM NILE COUNTRY CLUB—DO YOU KNOW WHO TOOK THIS VIDEO?         Gert wants to list credit to photographer.

DB LODGE 29 JANUARY MINUTES: President Dean Larsen opened the meeting January 7nd... @ 7.32   with pledge of allegiance and 19 members in attendance. 

Role call:  all officers were present except past president Mike Nielsen

Correspondence: Thank you cards from Anne and Mel Hollister, Chuck Larsen and Elmer Whittman for poinsettias delivered to them for the holiday, a greeting from Karen Bruun and Bente Pedersen with thank yous for our newsletter and nice donations to the lodge to cover postage and “fish pond food” from both of them. An invitation from Consul Erik Laursen and the Nordic Heritage Museum to meet a Danish delegation that is here to study development, technology transfer and commercialization on Sunday January 18th. For detail and reservation call 206 789 5707 x 22

Minutes:  The minutes were accepted as printed in our newsletter

Treasurer Report:  The Treasurer report was accepted as presented by our treasurer Lexie Sørensen

Announcement: Thomas Buus announced that his dad, vice president elect Henning Buus turns 70 this month  Anker Sorensen had a pacemaker put in on the day of the meeting, and was reported in good spirits after the procedure

Committee Report: Ellen Rossen reported on the Christmas party, it was a great success having it together with the Sisterhood and NWDF—thank you Ellen and your committee for a job well done!  Lodge #29 soccer team won their first game this season by beating the team that prevented them from winning last season’s tournament. 15 bowlers came out for the first practice--See note about bowling elsewhere in this news letter. Installation party will be on January 31 2009.  Please sign up for the party and help install the officers elect.

New business; Leif reported that the Danish flag at Bergen place looks worn again, and he and Frank will come up with a plan to get a new one and schedule a gathering at the Bergen place for our members to raise the new flag—maybe with a hot chocolate toast!  (watch your email for info)

Small pot:  Ellen Rossen   Big pot:  Had one of the following members, Otto Brask, Scott Jorgensen, Georg Pedersen, Kaj Christensen or Bente Pedersen been present, they would have gone home with $100, now the pot is up to $200 for members that have paid their 2009 dues and are present at the February meeting.  Meeting adjourned @ 8.02 PM                                                                          --submitted by Secretary Frank Poulsen


WOODMEN OF THE WORLD SCHOLARSHIPS: Deadline is March 15, 2009. Board of Directors added an additional $30,000 in award monies, so there will be about $80,000 in scholarship funds to award this year. Download the scholarship application and information at http://www.denverwoodmen.com/member_benefits/education.asp.



SISTERHOOD EVERGREEN LODGE #40: The January 7, 2009 meeting was called to order by President Marete Eadie at 7:27 PM.  Marshall Nichole Al-Khedairy and 2nd Trustee Grete Ballard were absent.  All other officers were present.  Minutes of our last meeting were approved as read.  Correspondence included a thank you from Orion Youth Care for our donations and a letter from NWDF President Edith Christensen. A thank you for our support to the foundation last year and a request for continued support in 2009 with the Annual Fund campaign.  Marete brought an article from this morning’s P.I. newspaper with an article about a new Danish cookbook available at Scandinavian Foods in Ballard.  Irene reported Sister Edith Sorensen is doing okay now but not going out at night as much.  Financial report was presented by Karen Favero.  Trustee’s report was given by Anne Hollister.  Anne H. and Karen reported on the visit with our oldest member, Rosetta Cleary, who turned 104 on December 30th.  A bill was presented for the Danish pastry donated to the annual Julestue party at NWDF December 14th.

Installation CommitteeMarete reported Melanie Berg is unable to install our officers at the Installation Dinner on Saturday, January 31, 2009 and will be calling on our District Officers to get a replacement.  Marete will also contact our Danish Princess Emily to join us as she has graciously agreed to another year presiding as Princess.    2009 District Convention - A reminder was made to bring items for the fish pond, raffles and door prizes.    Next meeting is February 4, 2009    Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

--Respectfully submitted by Anne Blackburn, Lodge #40 Secretary


FASTELAVN: Celebrate Fastelavn with the Northwest Danish Foundation! Bring your kids, grandkids and friends! We will have lots of fun making Fastelavnsris and beating the cat (candy) out of the barrel, an old Danish tradition! The lucky child who breaks the barrel will be crowned the cat Queen or cat King! Children of all ages are invited to attend in their favorite costumes. Truly a fun day for the whole family. We will serve "Fastelavnboller" with hot chocolate, coffee, tea and juice.

Sunday, February 22, 2009                                         3:00PM-5:00PM                                       NWDF’s Harmony Hall, Seattle, WA

Cost: $5 per child & $7 per adult for NWDF members, $8 per child & $10 per adult for non-members. Please RSVP by Sunday, February 15 to seattle@nwdanish.org or by calling 206.523.3263 / 800.564.7736.

DANISH FILM NIGHT: Join NWDF on Friday, February 20th at 7PM as we watch Flickering  Lights / Blinkende Lygter at the Seattle Danish Film Night!  This film will be in Danish with English subtitles and is rated R. Popcorn & refreshments are served.  $5 per person suggested donation.


BOWLING PRACTICES: We had 15 bowlers at our 1st session on Sunday Jan. 4th. Everyone is welcome!! (no need to be a “serious” bowler, just a fun-lover) Please join our Sunday bowling sessions, even if you are unable to bowl in the March tournament. We hope to see many more new faces on Sun. Jan. 18th at 2:45pm and continuing on Sundays, Jan. 25, Feb. 8 & 15 with final practice on March 1 at Sun Villa Lanes, 3080 - 148 Ave. SE, Bellevue. All ages are welcome—please specify if you need bumper lane for kids. Vancouver hosts The Pacific NW Bowling Tournament on Sat., March 7, 2009 at Revs Bowling Centre in Burnaby, BC.    Please contact Lexie (425-455-9225 or flsorensen@msn.com ) with names of all bowlers who are coming by 8PM FRIDAY night before each session. Sun Villa is giving us a BIG discount this year—they enjoy the happy Danes visits (must be the bar!). In return, we need to release extra lanes as early as possible so they can give them to other bowlers, so commit early and arrive on time.  Thanks for your cooperation.     Cost: $15 for 3 games (pay to Lexie) which includes tax and shoe rental--Mention Danish Brotherhood for shoes

Hope to see you in your bowling shoes at 2:45pm on Sunday, Jan. 18th!

Directions: Go East on I-90 take exit 11A (follow 156 Ave SE sign) cross over I-90, go north through first light, turn right into shopping area, Sun Villa Lanes is in NW corner of Eastgate Shopping Center behind Michael’s Toyota.


Email Addresses WANTED for Newsletter Delivery.

Many recipients of our Newsletter have expressed interest in receiving news faster by email instead of slow paper copies. We are aware that some people still prefer paper copies or do not use the internet, but Lodge 29 could save considerable money with a move to email delivery. We need enough email addresses on file, so we can drop our bulk mail permit which requires us to send out 200 copies per mailing (that’s why some folks get extras). The cost per item is cheaper by bulk mail, unless we can significantly drop the number of paper copies being mailed. Major problem of going to email is loss of automatic address change notifications that we currently receive from the Post Office when you move and don’t tell us or get a new email address—you will be lost to our system. Help by emailing your Name and Email address and preference pdf or Microsoft Word document to Lexie flsorensen@msn.com. Thank you!! This Newsletter is emailed to all email addresses on file—if you only get a paper copy, that is because we do not have your email address.




All activities are at the Danish Center (DCC), 1833 N 105 St., Seattle -- unless otherwise noted.

© = NW DANISH FOUNDATION ACTIVITIES (NWDF) Info & Reservations: PH: 206-523-DANE

Onsdagsklubben Events--Please RSVP one week in advance—Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com

Website: www.northwestdanishfoundation.org

·· = NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM (NHM): Hours: Tue-Sat 10am---4pm & Sunday Noon-4pm.

       3014 NW 67 St., Seattle, WA 98117 Info & Reservations PH: 206-789-5707 www.nordicmuseum.org/


VISIT DB LODGE 29 Website:   www.dblodge29.org                       www.wowala-volunteers.org


SCANDINAVIAN HOUR: Host Doug Warne 9 to 10 a.m. every Saturday.on KKNW  1150AM 


at DCC  ©    Sat    1/24 6pm    Reservation Deadline DB & DS Installation Party Info: 425-455-9225

      Sun   1/25   2:45pm    Bowling Practice (reserve w/Lexie 425-455-9225 by 8pm FRI 1/25) at Sun Villa Lanes, Bellevue

at DCC  ©    Sat    1/31 6pm    DB & DS Puget Sound Lodge Officers Installation Party

at NHM ··   Sun   2/1   4pm    NORWAY--Mostly Nordic Concert Series-- $40-45 incl. smorgåsbord

at DCC  ©    Sun   2/22 3-5pm  FASTELAVN Costumes, Crafts, "Fastelavnboller" hot chocolate, ”hit the barrel” Cat King/Queen

at DCC  ©    Wed  2/4   7:30pm                    DB & DS Lodge Meetings

at DCC  ©    Sat    2/7   1:30pm                    Harmonien  -- Songs, Bingo & Fellowship

      Sun   2/8     2:45pm    Bowling Practice (reserve w/Lexie 425-455-9225 by 8pm FRI 2/6) at Sun Villa Lanes, Bellevue

      Sun   2/15   2:45pm    Bowling Practice (reserve w/Lexie 425-455-9225 by 8pm FRI 2/13) Sun Villa Lanes, Bellevue

at DCC  ©    Wed  2/18 Noon   Onsdagsklubben   RSVP Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com

at DCC  ©    Wed  2/25 7-8:30pm                 Meet the 2008 PNB and Royal Danish Ballet Exchange Student Dancers

at NHM ··   Wed  2/25 6pm & 7:30pm          RICK STEVES’ SCANDINAVIA Dinner and/or pesentation

                        Fri       2/27                SIGN-UP DEADLINE FOR BOWLING TOURNAMENT IN VANCOUVER ON 3/7

      Sun   3/1     2:45pm    Bowling Practice (reserve w/Lexie 425-455-9225 by 8pm FRI 2/27) at Sun Villa Lanes, Bellevue

at DCC  ©    Tue    3/3   9am-Noon                NWDF Building Committee Work Party

      Sat                3/7   Noon   NW District Bowling Tournament-Revs Bowling Center, 5502 Lougheed Hwy-- Burnaby, BC

at NHM ··            3/13-15/2009                    Nordic Knitting Conference    Info: charlotte@nordicmuseum.org

            Fr-Su       5/1-3/2009                       Seattle Lodges Host the 60th NW District Convention at Hilton Garden Issaquah       

                  Sat    7/11            11th DB Golf Tournament----Cascade Course at Gold Mountain

                 Sun   8/16   noon-4pm                 All Danes Community Picnic at Jens Laundrup's Woodinville