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Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29 and Danish Sisterhood Evergreen Lodge 40 meet every first Wednesday, except

July and August, at the NWDF Danish Cultural Center, Meridian Office Bldg., 1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle WA at 7:30pm.


      President:   DEAN LARSEN                      16501 4TH AVE S           Burien, WA               98148   PH:  206-714-9369

      Secretary:   FRANK POULSEN                  13616 116th Ave NE         Kirkland, WA            98034   PH:  425-820-6056

      Treasurer:    LEXIE SØRENSEN                 9725 NE 26th Street.        Clyde Hill, WA          98004   PH:  425-455-9225


      President:   MARETE EADIE           17923 Marine View DR SW       Normandy Park, WA  98166   PH:  206-431-2990

      Secretary:   ANNE BLACKBURN               15823 5th PL S                Burien, WA               98148   PH:  206-248-2530      Treasurer:    KAREN FAVERO          22805 Lakeview Dr #B204         Mt Lk Terr, WA         98043   PH:  425-672-7190


Happy Birthday To DB 29 & DS 40 Lodge Members


October: Lowen Clausen, Susanne Clevenger, Corrine M. Favero, Dianne Harris, Sigrid Hudson, H. Gert Jacobsen, Annelise M Kromann, Kenneth H. Kromann, Jesper J. Mortensen, Kristin A Nielsen, Einar E. Olsen, Dina Rohm, P. Troy Sorensen, Esther Swanson, Greta A. Wolfe, Ulla Younker

November: Edith Andersen, Solveig Brown, Karen Bruun, Louis K. Christensen, Marete Markussen Eadie, Hanne Gwilym, Gerda Hald, Mark D. Jensen, Kirsten Kromann, Charles Larsen, Ruth Larsen, Verner Larsen, Jens C Laundrup; Nancy D. Lindholdt, Irene Long, Helga Markussen, Joseph R.  Matsen, Agnes, Mauritsen, Egon Molbak, Louis Nielsen, Inge-Merethe Otey, Charles H. Parker, Tom Paulsen, Anna Harda Pedersen, Kate Prægel, Holli Jo Spanski, Vika Vedella

VETERAN NIGHT’S RESERVATION—Date:  Sat. OCT. 25, 2008--Cost: $20 per person


Please make ______ (#) of reservations for:                       Phone:  _______________________


Name:  _________________________________ and ___________________________________


Enclosed is my check for $_____________  ($20 per person) payable to DB Lodge 29

Mail to: DB Lodge 29 %Lexie Sorensen, 9725 NE 26th St., Clyde Hill, WA 98004 Ph: 425-455-9225 flsorensen@msn.com


RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED by Friday, October 17, 2008

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Pins will be awarded to 25 Year members of Lodge 29.

Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 6:00pm

PLACE: Danish Center at NWDF      1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle

MENU:  Herring, Pork roast, and trimmings



DB LODGE 29 OCTOBER MINUTES: Vice President Thomas Buus opened the meeting October 1st at 7:32pm with pledge of allegiance and 20 members in attendance. 

Role call:  all officers were present except for past President Michael Nielsen, President Dean Larsen and 3rd. Trustee Vibeke Iozzi.

Correspondence: Newsletters from other Scandinavian organizations was laid out for viewing.  We received three $20.00 gift certificates from Patties Eggs Nest.  Liability insurance in the amount of $482.00 needs to be paid   We have a membership application from Erik Laursen, but he were unable to attend for initiation. Hope to see him next meeting.

Minutes:  The minutes were accepted as printed in our newsletter

Treasurer Report:  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented by our treasurer Lexie Sørensen

Committee Report: Ellen & Ib Rossen are working with NWDF and will try to coordinate a combined Christmas party this year, and will report at our November meeting.  Thomas Buus has everything under control for our Veterans night on October 25th.  Frank will plan the installation dinner for January and invite the other Puget Sound lodges to participate like the last couple of years.  Leif reported on soccer, and the Lodge #29 team has 3 win and 1 tie so far this season. Good Job team Lodge #29. The picnic committee was short on the finances this year, and Lodge #29 voted to send $25 to help cover the loss. 

New Business:  the 3 gift certificates we received from Patty’s Nest Egg will be used for Bingo prizes in November.  Lodge # 29 again voted to pay for the beer and pop at the Danish Bazaar benefitting NWDF to be held this year @ the Swedish club on Now. 1st. and Mel Hollister will be in charge.  Greta asked if anyone had a truck that would be able to haul shelving from NWDF to the Swedish club and back, Henning volunteered to help with that.

Small pot: Ib Rossen won the small pot

Big pot: If Kurt Rasmussen had been present he could have gone home with $200 but Holger Nielsen was the lucky member who comes to the meeting regularly, and this time won the $200.                       

Meeting adjourned @ 8.12pm                                                                                                         ---Submitted by Secretary Frank Poulsen

vvCome early and enjoy snacks and drinks before the meetingvv


SEATTLE DB LODGE 29 WEBSITE: Check out the terrific Photo Gallery at www.dblodge29.org. Many thanks to to Gert Wolff for keeping our site up to date. He will post photos from Seattle Lodges and Danes Soccer Club events, please send your comments and photos to: 2wolff@embarqmail.com 




SISTERHOOD EVERGREEN LODGE #40: October 1, 2008 meeting was called to order at 8:14 PM by President Marete Eadie.  1st Trustee Anne Hollister, 2nd Trustee Edith Sorensen and Marshall Nicole Al-Khedairy had excused absences.  All other officers were present.  It was nice to see our newest members again, Princess Emelie and Patty Olsen. 

The meeting was started after a presentation by Judy Guasco, Regional VP at Allianz Life Insurance Co.  It reflected on a study of how baby boomers and their parents “define leaving a legacy and how families are communicating about these sensitive issues today.”

Correspondence: Included:  1) NWDF request for renewal of membership and notice of annual membership meeting October 11th at 3 PM.  2) Note from Connie Schell, National Trustee regarding a prospective member, we hope to hear back from her and join us for a meeting soon.

Treasurer’s Report: was given by Karen.

Special Committee:  2009 District Convention committee met at the hotel, Dina and Karen attended and reported that plans are going well and hotel staff very accommodating and reminded us to start gathering items for the fish pond, raffles and door prizes. 

New Business:  Payment of NWDF membership tabled until November.  Picnic committee requested small donation for next year’s fund as there is no reserve.  Motion passed for $25.00 donation.

Upcoming events include the Brotherhood’s Veteran Night’s Dinner on Saturday, October 25th.  Combined Circles will hold annual bazaar at Swedish Club this year as it combines to become part of Scandinavian Holiday Bazaar Saturday and Sunday, November 1-2 from 9 AM to 5 PM.  Smørrebrød 11 AM to 3 PM Saturday only,   Sunday will be Swedish pancakes.  Please support Julestue by volunteering assistance and attending NWDF Sunday, December 14, since there will not be a children’s Christmas party any more. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM                                                                    --Respectfully submitted by Anne Blackburn, Lodge #40 Secretary




SCANDINAVIAN HOLIDAY BAZAAR: Sat. & Sun. Nov. 1 & 2 is one of those ‘everything old is new again”  ideas that the Swedish Cultural Center is reviving this year. The club used to do a major holiday bazaar every year—coincidentally on the same weekend as the bazaar hosted by our Danish Circles. Thanks to the suggestion by SCC member Brenda Bard, the Danes have been invited to participate with the Swedes this year and they said yes! SCC members and guests will be treated to an open house all weekend. The Danes are fixing their open-face smørrebrød sandwiches on Saturday and the Swedes are making Swedish pancakes on Sunday. You’ll enjoy music and relaxing, food and shopping, friends and chatting on both days. Many popular local Nordic vendors are very interested in joining us. Desiree of Sweden with her beautiful, mostly-Swedish items, will take over the SCC library. The shop, Strictly Scandinavian, based in Gig Harbor, will also have a booth, featuring many Danish items among their all-Scandinavian inventory. We anticipate that the building will be filled with vendors and activities top to bottom. The hours are 9 am to 5 pm, both days.

For more info, call 206-283-1090 or e-mail info@swedishculturalcenter.org .

We’re counting on seeing you, sharing in the Scandinavian Holiday fun and spirit!

Thursday October 2nd,   Otto Brask, Frank Poulsen and Vice President Thomas Buus went to Seattle Children’s Hospital, to pay a visit to Sam Thomason, a 10 year old boy of Danish decent who was severely injured on July 2nd.   The boy still lacks movement in his arms and legs, but shows a tremendous courage. Seattle DBIA Lodge #29 donated $500.00 that was sent to WOW for matching funds, and it was a privilege for vice president Thomas Buus to present a check to Sam’s family in the amount of $1000.00.   Sam is an avid soccer player, and he was presented with a T-shirt from the new Seattle Sounders FC professional soccer team.

We can all help, keep them in our prayers and donate cash at any branch of:

   US Bank, Samuel Thomason Donation Fund Account # 153560160233.











All activities are at the Danish Center (DCC), 1833 N 105 St., Seattle -- unless otherwise noted.

© = NW DANISH FOUNDATION ACTIVITIES (NWDF) Info & Reservations: PH: 206-523-DANE

Onsdagsklubben Events--Please RSVP one week in advance—Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com

Website: www.northwestdanishfoundation.org

· = NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM (NHM): Hours: Tue-Sat 10am---4pm & Sunday Noon-4pm.

       3014 NW 67 St., Seattle, WA 98117 Info & Reservations PH: 206-789-5707 www.nordicmuseum.org/


VISIT DB LODGE 29 Website:   www.dblodge29.org                       www.wowala-volunteers.org



SCANDINAVIAN HOUR: Host Doug Warne 9 to 10 a.m. every Saturday.on KKNW  1150AM 

at NHM   ···    Fri     10/10      7pm                    DK Film  “Christiania: Our heart is in your hands”    --    Suggested donation of $5

at DCC   ©     Sat    10/11                                  NWDF Annual Meeting

at NHM   ··                10/14 to 11/9                    Latvian Art: Past and Present

at DCC   ©     Wed  10/15      Noon                  Onsdagsklubben   RSVP Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com  

at DCC   ©     Thu   10/16      7pm                    Folkehøjskole Book Club

at DCC   ©     Fri     10/17      7pm                    Danish film night

at NHM   ···    Sat    10/25      10:30am-noon   Children:  Troll story & Halloween craft  --  $4 members, $6 non RSVP

at NHM   ···    Sat    10/25      1-3pm                Kids & Cameras--register 206-789-5707ext21   --   $20 members, $25 non

at DCC   ©     Sat    10/25      6:00pm                DB Lodge 29 VETERANS NIGHT PARTY  Info: Lexie Sorensen--425-455-9225

                        Fri     10/31                                           H a p p y    H a l l o w e e n

at SCC           Sat    11/1        9am-3pm          Danes Smørrebrød-Scandinavian Holiday Bazaar co-hosted by Danes & Swedes

at SCC           Sun   11/2        9am-5pm          Sun. Swedes-Swedish pancakes  at Swedish Cultural Center,

at NHM   ···    Tue   11/4        10-11am           SWEDEN -- Nordic Stories "Little Sister Rabbit" by Ulf Nilsson  --  pre-school story/craft

at DCC   ©     Wed  11/5        7:30pm                DB & DS Lodge Meetings

                        Mon  11/10                                  Newsletter Deadline - Monday following Lodge meetings

at DCC   ©     Wed  11/19      Noon                  Onsdagsklubben   RSVP Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com

at DCC   ©     Thu   11/20      7pm                    Folkehøjskole Book Club

at DCC   ©·    Sat    11/22                                  Seattle Danes Soccer Club 32nd Anniversary Dinner

at NHM   ··     Sa-Su             11/22-23                10am-6pm/Noon-5pm      Nordic Yulefest--Crafts, Scandinavian food, music Adm. $2  

                                                          Thu                      11/27                                                                             Happy Thanksgiving

at NHM   ··      Tue   12/2        10-11am           THE SAMI -- Nordic Stories "The Simple Saame Man"  --  pre-school story/craft

at DCC   ©     Wed  12/3        7:30pm                DB & DS Lodge Meetings

at NHM   ··      12/5-1/25/09                 Exhibit    Skude 360 Degrees: Paintings by Severin Haines

Save these dates for 2009

Sat          3/7/09       Noon      NW District Bowling Tournament-Revs Bowling Center, at Burnaby, BC

Fr-Su      5/1-3/2009              Seattle Lodges Host the 60th NW District Convention at Hilton Garden Issaquah

Sat          6/20                                        Potluck Skt. Hans at Jens Laundrup

Sat          7/11                                        11th DB Golf Tournament----Cascade Course at Gold Mountain

Sun         8/16          noon-4pm           All Danes Community Picnic at Jens Laundrup's Woodinville