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Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29 and Danish Sisterhood Evergreen Lodge 40 meet every first Wednesday, except

July and August, at the NWDF Danish Cultural Center, Meridian Office Bldg., 1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle WA at 7:30pm.


      President:   THOMAS BUUS            20143 130TH Ave NE        Woodinville, WA            98072      PH:  425-489-1906

      Secretary:   FRANK POULSEN         13616 116th Ave NE           Kirkland, WA                 98034      PH:  425-820-6056

      Treasurer:    LEXIE SØRENSEN           9725 NE 26th Street.       Clyde Hill, WA               98004      PH:  425-455-9225


      President:   LISA SVITAVSKY          29504 NE 52nd st            Carnation, wa               98014      ph:  425-880-4020

      Secretary:   ANNE BLACKBURN         15823 5th PL S               Burien, WA                   98148      PH:  206-248-2530

      Treasurer:    KAREN FAVERO              20120 47th Ave NE        Lake Forest Park, WA    98155      PH:  206-695-2454


Happy Birthday To DB 29 & DS 40 Lodge Members

September: Stig B. Andersen; Herman Bischofberger; Anne Blackburn; Kelley Michelle Blackburn; Ellen Blendheim;  Tage C. Christiansen; Michael Kristian Emmick; Cornelius J. Jensen; Ryan Jorgensen; Valerie Michele Joyal; Donna Lee Klippert; John Larsen; Lewis Metcalf; Karsten Morgan; Frank Poulsen; Kurt Rasmussen; Ib Rossen; Jette Sten Starniri

October: Lowen Clausen; Susanne Clevenger; Corrine M. Favero; Maija Hammond; Sigrid Hudson; H. Gert Jacobsen; Kenneth H. Kromann; Annelise M Kromann; Jesper J. Mortensen; Kristin A Nielsen; Einar E. Olsen; Dina Rohm; P. Troy Sorensen; Esther Swanson; Greta A. Wolfe; Ulla Younker



11TH ANNUAL GREAT DANE GOLF TOURNAMENT: Was held on Saturday, July 11th 2009 on Gold Mountain’s Cascade Course spots. A fun day of golf in great weather and the happy winners are:

Most Putts                                                                    Tim Durasko                      51

Most Time playing in the Sand                                     Lyla Jacobsen                    9

Most lost balls                                                               Bruce Bray                         3

Most Honest (Hi score)                                                 Kirsten Gulmann               154

KP Hole #3                                                                   Steve Wright                       4' 10.5"

KP Hole #7                                                                   Dan Wright                         29' 2"

KP Hole #14                                                                  Mike Ritter                          21' 6.25"

KP Hole #17                                                                   Jens Nielsen                     26' 4"

Long Drive: Women Hole #18                                     Liz Tan

Long Drive: Men Hole #6                                             Tom Gwinn

Least putts 2nd place                                                   Kenneth Olsen                   31

Least putts 1st place                                                    Michael Nielsen                  30

Low score                                                                    Thomas Larsen                  79

Calloway Score 2nd place                                            Kirsten Gulmann                65

Calloway Score 1st place                                             Birgit Andersen                   64


Next year’s tournament will be on Saturday July 10, 2010—Save the Date

Check out the 2009 golf photos at http://dblodge29.org/Gallery/index.htm






VETERAN NIGHT’S RESERVATION—Date: 6pm Sat. OCT. 17, 2009-Cost:$25 per person

 Please reserve ______ (#) of reservations                   Phone: _______________________


Name:  _________________________________ and ___________________________________


Enclosed is my check for $_____________                              ($25 per person) payable to DB Lodge 29

Mail to: DB Lodge 29 %Henning Buus, 15505 154TH AVE NE., WOODINVILLE, WA 98072

Info: Ph: 425-483-8872    danebuus@comcast.net


RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED by Friday, October 9, 2009


--- % --- --- % --- --- % --- --- % --- --- % --- ---% --- ---% ---



Pins will be awarded to Flemming Sorensen 50 years plus

Preben Hoegh-Christensen & Ernest Lauridsen  60 Year members of Lodge 29

Saturday, October 17, 2009 Happy hour at 6:00pm with dinner following

PLACE: Danish Center at NWDF      1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle

MENU:  Herring & shrimp, "do it yourself" open faced sandwiches with cold cuts, leverpostej, frikadeller, cheese and trimmings, Desert and coffee to follow.

VETERAN NIGHT’S RESERVATION—Date: 6pm Sat. OCT. 17, 2009-Cost:$25 per person


Please reserve ______ (#) of reservations                                                       Phone: _______________________


Name:  _________________________________ and ___________________________________


Enclosed is my check for $_____________                              ($25 per person) payable to DB Lodge 29

Mail to: DB Lodge 29 %Henning Buus, 15505 154TH AVE NE., WOODINVILLE, WA 98072

Info: Ph: 425-483-8872    danebuus@comcast.net


RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED by Friday, October 9, 2009


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Pins will be awarded to Flemming Sorensen 50 years plus

Preben Hoegh-Christensen & Ernest Lauridsen  60 Year members of Lodge 29

Saturday, October 17, 2009 Happy hour at 6:00pm with dinner following

PLACE: Danish Center at NWDF      1833 N 105 St. #205, Seattle

MENU:  Herring & shrimp, "do it yourself" open faced sandwiches with cold cuts, leverpostej, frikadeller, cheese and trimmings, Desert and coffee to follow.

August 9, 2009 was a big day in Bellingham for Dan Colpitts who received his 50 year membership pin on his 60th Birthday.  Secretary Frank Poulsen presented the pin to Dan with Lodge members Karen Bruun, Carol Colpitts, Flemming & Lexie Sorensen, Leif Sorensen & wife Beverly along with Frank’s wife Arlene in attendance. Thank you to Dan’s sister Carol for the delicious pizza and cake to celebrate the day.

DB LODGE 29 SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 DBIA LODGE # 29 MEETING MINUTES:  President Thomas Buus opened the meeting @ 7.32 with the pledge of allegiance and 31 members and guests in attendance. Our president’s wife, Sandy, was later initiated as a member of our organization.  Welcome Sandy Buus!

Role call; All officers were present  except Past President Dean Larsen, Vice President Henning Buus

Secretary report; It was motioned and second to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter, however that motion was voted down, but because of the secretary's neglect to bring a printed copy to the meeting, he was unable to read the minutes.  Secretary Frank promised to have a copy available at the meetings in the future. Newsletters from other Danish and Scandinavian groups were laid out to view to read.

Treasurer report;   Lexie presented the treasurer’s report that was approved

Announcement; it was reported that our longtime member Arild Molgaard passed away, Arild has been a member since 1947 and lived in California. A moment of silence was held in memory of Arild




DB 29 Minutes Continued from page 2

Committee report; Flemming reported on the Golf tournament on July 11th. After many years of chairing the golf outing, Flemming would like to resign, and Leif Sorensen and Thomas Larsen agreed to take over in the future.  Veterans night will be on October 17, more details in this newsletter. Frank reported on the picnic. the weather was great and those who came had a good time, but attendance was lower than normal.  Ellen Rossen will communicate with NWDF about the Christmas party

New Business;  The President needs help cleaning the hall after our meetings, Leif Sorensen volunteered for this meeting, but more member need to come forward to help.  WOW fall fling has been canceled because of lack of attendance, and WOW will now have a Fall food drive see more info  in this newsletter.  Mel Hollister volunteered to represent Lodge #29 at the NWDF annual meeting.  Lodge 29 again agreed to a $300 sponsorship of our soccer team, Lodge 29 Danes.

Good and welfare:  Kaj Christensen is home recovering after surgery, and a get well card will be sent.  Also a card to Edith Andersen who is home recovering is delivered to her by Vibeke

Small pot was won by Rasmus Madsen

Big Pot was won by our newest member, Sandy Buus who drew her own name, good job Sandy.     Meeting adjourned 8.35 pm.   --submitted by Secretary Frank Poulsen




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SECRETARIES:  Please notify Newsletter Editor of new members to add to the mailing list.




SEATTLE DB LODGE 29 WEBSITE: at www.dblodge29.org  . Many thanks to to Gert Wolff for keeping our site up to date. He will post photos from Seattle Lodges and Danes Soccer Club events, please send your comments and photos to Lexie at: flsorensen@msn.com and I will forward to Gert.   The newsletter can be downloaded in PDF or Word format. You can read, save, or print it as you wish. Past issues are available in the Archives. Members will not need to use valuable memory space on their own hard disk to download & save their own copies. You will be sent an email telling you when the latest newsletter is available at our website address. www.dblodge29.org                                        

You may download the free Windows latest version of Adobe Reader from



SISTERHOOD EVERGREEN LODGE #40 nothing to report for September. There was a small group of members and we mostly discussed the convention and picnic.             -- submitted by Karen Favero, Lodge #40



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WOW Fall Fling changes to Fall Food Drive

Everywhere you look remnants of the current economic conditions can be seen and felt. WOW society experienced it first hand with low registrations/interest for the San Diego Fall Fling. So low, in fact, that the Board of Directors decided to cancel the event and directed management to come up with an alternative national member event that will accommodate members’ fraternal gathering and sharing, yet limit their financial commitment to participate. WOW is bringing the national member event directly to you and your community.  No travel required!             

Utilization of local food banks throughout the country is on the rise as more and more Americans lose their jobs. Food Banks are in desperate need of food donations For this reason, WOW has moved their focus for our national member event from the Fall Fling to the Fall Food Drive!!

Seattle Lodge 29 is joining WOW in this national member event and plan a food drive for a local food bank between September 1, 2009 and October 31, 2009. The society will give national recognition to the camp/lodge and the individual member that donates the most.

WOW’s national goal is based on 2% of their total membership of around 21,000 members. That involves 420 members and if we assume 5 pounds of food for each of those 420 members, we will have collected 2,100 pounds of food. Help us achieve our goal and get our lodges involved NOW!



Sisters & Brothers, family & friends -- Everyone is encouraged to bring canned goods to the Wed. Oct. 7 meeting, Veteran’s Nite Party on Sat. Oct. 17 and Onsdagsklub on Oct.21.

The Seattle Lodge is collecting food to be donated to:

HOPELINK       http://www.hope-link.org/

The lodge will announce the total poundage collected and donated in Nov. newsletter

If you can’t bring the food yourself, contact Lexie at 425-455-9225 or flsorensen@msn.com to arrange for pickup. 

We will also accept checks payable to HOPELINK -- send to DB Lodge 29

% Lexie Sorensen, 9725 NE 26th St., Clyde Hill WA 98004





All activities are at the Danish Center (DCC), 1833 N 105 St., Seattle -- unless otherwise noted.

j0212043[1]© = NWDF  = NW DANISH FOUNDATION ACTIVITIES  Info & Reservations: PH: 206-523-DANE

Onsdagsklubben Events--Please RSVP one week in advance

—Anne Hollister 206-364-6474 Melannehol@aol.com

NWDF Website: www.northwestdanishfoundation.org

·· NHM  =NORDIC HERITAGE MUSEUM : Hours: Tue-Sat 10am---4pm & Sunday Noon-4pm.

       3014 NW 67 St., Seattle, WA 98117 Info & Reservations PH: 206-789-5707 www.nordicmuseum.org/


VISIT DB LODGE 29 Website:   www.dblodge29.org                 www.wowala-volunteers.org


SCANDINAVIAN HOUR: Host Doug Warne 9 to 10 a.m. every Saturday.on KKNW  1150AM 



The Nordic Heritage Museum is pleased to present the first annual Nordic Lights Film Festival, October 23, 24 and 25, 2009. The Festival will show contemporary, award-winning films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Tickets are available through the SIFF Cinema Box Office at www.siff.net or (206) 464-5830. SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall is located: 321 Mercer St., Seattle.           Admission is $7 for Museum Members; $10 for non-members. Admission to children’s feature (Saturday, 10:00 a.m.) is discounted: $8 for adults, $6 for adult Members, $4 for children.

A festival pass is available for $50 for Members; $60 for non-members.        All movies are subtitled.

For information, please contact Charlotte Lehmann at 206-789-5707, ext  21., or charlotte@nordicmuseum.org.                                     http://www.nordicmuseum.org/events.aspx#filmfest  for schedule and film descriptions

MEDIA CONTACT: KAREN HANSEN (206) 789-5707 x25, Tuesday – Friday


Film Festival Schedule:
FRIDAY, October 23:                                                                                                                                             

7:00                Opening reception                                                                                                                            

7:30                Everlasting Moments
SATURDAY, October 24:
10:00              My Uncle Loved the Color Yellow, Mystery of the Wolf                               2:00                Family Reunion, The World in Denmark

1:00                Misty Mountain, Herdswoman                                                                                                             3:30                       Little Man, Back Soon
3:00                Lights in the Dusk                                                                                                                              7:00                       Black Ice
7:30                When Elvis Came to Visit, Flame and Citron                                             9:00                Mr. Mustache, Dead Snow
About the Films:
Back Soon (Iceland)
Anna Hallgrimsdottir, a poetess, dishwasher, and marijuana dealer in her late thirties, lives in Reykjavik with her two sons. This humorous look at Icelandic life follows Anna over 48 hours as she sells her drug business.
Black Ice (Finland)
Black Ice is a suspenseful drama about an unlikely relationship between two women. The main char-acters, Saara and Tuuli, are irresistible and unpredictable women of equal strength who are both connected to the same man.

Dead Snow (Norway)
The group of friends had all they would need for a successful Easter vacation: cabin, skis, snowmobile, toboggan, copious amounts of beer, and a fertile mix of the sexes. Certainly, none of them had anticipated not returning home alive! However, the Nazi-zombie battalion haunting the mountains surrounding the aptly named Oksfjord (Axefjord) had other plans...

Everlasting Moments (Denmark and Sweden)
In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working-class Swedish woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life.

Family Reunion (Iceland)
A modern-day coming-out story about a young Icelandic woman living in New York, returning to Iceland for a family reunion. How will the family take her news?

Flame and Citron (Denmark)
In occupied Denmark, resistance fighters Flame and Citron are charged with liquid-ating Danish informers. In the struggle for freedom, all zones appear gray, and it becomes increasingly unclear who is friend and who is foe. Based on true events.

Herdswoman (Sweden)
Herdswoman is about three Sami women to whom reindeer herding is not only an occupation but a way of life. The film explores the vulnerability of indigenous peoples in modern society and conflicts surrounding rights to land and water.

Lights in the Dusk (Finland)
Koistinen, a lonely night watchman, is exploited by criminal elements because of his longing for love. This movie, directed by acclaimed Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, concludes the trilogy that started with Drifting Clouds and continued with The Man Without a Past.

Little Man (Denmark)
Eight-year-old Mathias is writing an essay for school entitled  “How to Understand Women”.  His fieldwork turns out to be quite difficult.

Misty Mountain (Iceland)
While based in a remote NATO radar station in Iceland in the late 1960s, Warren occasionally time traveled into the future, to the year 2006. Now, as his former destination in time becomes his present, he returns to prevent the death of the woman he fell in love with during his travels

Mr. Mustache (Norway)
Mr. Mustache is a film about men and their mustaches. Through several interviews woven together as a lively collage, the film’s ten participants convey both the disadvantages and positive effects of the hair growing beneath their noses.

My Uncle Loved the Color Yellow (Sweden)
A tragicomic short about a moving relationship between a boy and a rather special uncle.

Mystery of the Wolf (Finland)
A family film set in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Twelve-year-old Salla defends the wolves that are a threat to the local livelihood, reindeer husbandry.

When Elvis Came to Visit (Sweden)
An intimate film about a small, yet momen-tous, meeting in Sweden between Lukas and the young boy Elvis, whose parents are from Iran. Lukas, not an immigrant-friendly person, tries to keep his distance, but the young boy’s innocence gradually affects him.

The World in Denmark (Denmark)
With an even-keeled narrative, Max Kestner s film takes us on a kaleidoscopic tour around Denmark.


YULEFEST                          Saturday–Sunday, November 21–22, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Celebrate the holiday season with the Nordic Heritage Museum’s 2009 Yulefest. Browse hand-crafted Scandinavian gifts, enjoy performances by a host of Scandinavian musical talent, dine on Nordic cuisine that will certainly inspire holiday cheer, and enjoy craft activities for children. Santa will also be attending Yulefest and hopes to visit all of the children who attend this year!         Suggested donation is $3 for adults and $1 for children under 12; children under 3 are admitted free